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When it Rains, Do you get a "Free Wash"

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

These past couple of weeks it's been raining nearly everyday in Richmond. According to our apps on our cellphones, it doesn't seem like the rain is letting out anytime soon.

So the biggest myth is brought up, does my car get a "free" wash while its raining out?

We'd hate to be the ones to tell you, but someone has to do it. For the most part, when it rains, your car is in fact not being "washed" let me explain.

First thing first, we need to be on the same page about what a proper wash usually looks like. Simply letting the rain fall on your vehicle will not lead to a clean and shiny look.

Washing your car should include a series of soap, and a wash mitt. When it's raining, the rain doesn’t have enough pressure to knock off any dirt or debris that’s on your car which is why a proper wash mitt is required.

Next in order for your vehicle to be properly washed, it needs to also be properly dried. No, leaving it out to dry on "its own" isn't a recommended method.

Allowing your gorgeous ride to sit and "air dry" will only cause more harm than good. This is typically how hard water spots and ugly marks are left on your car.

Water Spots aren't only a headache to remove they can also cause more work to recover from the detailer making it more expensive for you to fix.

NOTE: Adding a strong bond of sealant onto your cars paint can reduce water spots.

Perhaps you might easily understand this concept but yet, you might say to yourself. Well shouldn't I simply wait for the rain to pass by until I can properly wash my car.

Another Myth: Let the rain pass and THEN I'll wash my Car

This is usually what we hear from many of our customers when its calling for rain. "Can we move our appointment once the rain clears up?"

Typically, the customer is always right and we aren't here to say that thinking logically is wrong.

Washing your car frequently will give you less work to do, since you didn't allow for your car to get extremely dirty and the process is fairly less complicated compared to if you let it get realllly dirty.

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