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What does a Car Detailer Really Do?

So, you've probably heard about some of your friends bragging about them getting their car detailed and how great it turned out.

Now you're on the search, you're wondering what a Car Detailer even is!

We all know that car detailing seems like a luxurious expense so most of us tend to avoid it and settle for less without having a proper understanding of what car detailing really is.

My purpose in this article is to bring you a better understanding of what this really means for you and your car.

Car detailing is in the shortest term, a way to keep your car in the best condition possible while increasing its overall value.

Unlike mechanical where its solely focused on the performance and maintenance of your car. We focus on the cosmetics of your ride!

Let me explain

Have you ever driven past a car with an insane amount of shine? You look and the reflection on that vehicle is slick and smooth as glass.

You immediately assume that car is either brand new or they got a really good paint job. In reality more times than not a car detailer paint corrected and ceramic coated that vehicle to give it a long lasting glossy shine.

Now both Ceramic coating and Paint Correction are completely advanced and different topics so we'll leave that up to you to read more about!

My goal is stick to the basics here so we'll get straight to the point!

Do you typically run your car through a car wash? Do you just visit the local Car wash place and are hoping for the best results?

I'm not saying these car wash places are a waste of time and money. Truthfully, some people may not care about their vehicle as much as others so its important to understand and know what level of experience you're looking to have with your vehicle.

Let's say you buy a brand new car from the dealership, you feel excited and you've accomplished something that seemed like it took forever and a lot of hard work.

The dealerships washed the car beforehand so when you arrive it seems as if they paint is shiny, flawless, and BRAND NEW.

Days, weeks, go by and you start driving the car more often and now its dirty. Seeing your car like this isn't why you bought it in the first place! You loved it for its high shine, the clean wheels, the dashboard shined and wiped down.

You fell in love with the experience, that brand new car feeling. Having a nice smelling car is only the start of it. Not to mention the compliments you'll get when arriving to your favorite restaurant.

What does a Car Detailer Do?

A professional detailer will make the condition of your car like new, the process is rather simple but the attention to detail and perfectionism is at its high when it come to Mendez Mobile Detailing.

Your car will get proper care inside and out. From the most yuckiest interior to the driest, non shiny, matte looking paint, you can expect a huge return on your money when you invest back into your vehicle making it like new inside and out.

So in conclusion to answer the question, a true car detailer will know that it's really all about the experience. Whether it's the drive afterwards or simply just the process of getting in contact with a detailer its all extremely exciting!

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