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Professional Auto Detailing Experience
Richmond, Va

Hit the reset button on your vehicle by getting that new car feel once again


A step above the Bronze, our Silver auto detailing package includes the popular full interior cleaning as well as the exterior clay bar and sealant.

Everything on the interior of your vehicle will be thoroughly detailed & cleaned ensuring to leave your car with a flawless look inside & out!

This service is designed for the person who is looking to rejuvenate their cars interior by removing up to 80% of the surface stains embedded in your carpets & seats.


Typically, this sort of service isn't something that needs to be done more than twice (2) a year.


This Silver Detail Package was designed so you can get that new car feel without having to go buy a new car! 


Full Interior Cleaning

  1. Detail and Through vacuum with air gun

  2. Full interior wipe down and detail (cup holder, air vents, etc.)

  3. Spray and Agitate seats and carpet with steam

  4. Wipe clean headliner (car ceiling)

  5. Clean Interior windows and glass

  6. Rinse off Door jambs

Exterior Detail


  1. Rims, wheels, and wheel well cleaning

  2. Gas cap, trunk jambs, front end bug removal.

  3. Foam Hand Wash & Engine cleanse

  4. Air blow, and Hand dry

  5. Tire shine

  6. Exterior windows and glass

Simple Pricing


Small/ Coupes

2-2.5 hours




2.5-3 hours




3-3.5 hours


The Detailing Process


Note: A Detailed service like this may to up to 4+ hours to complete! 

  1. We start off the detail by observing and inspecting the vehicle, doing so will ensure the pricing of our service. In some cases pricing may change.

  2. Once we’ve come to a conclusion on pricing, we begin removing all trash and loose items inside the vehicle.

  3. Now that everything's out the vehicle we start with the interior vacuum

  4. Using compressed air allows us to reach all hard to reach areas a lot easier.

  5. Interior panels such as pillar, dashboard, and door panels are detailed and cleaned

  6. Buttons, Cup holders, Air vents, and glove compartment will be wiped

  7. Interior Windows will be clean leaving your windshield and side mirrors a crystal clear vision for safe driving.

  8. The exterior will begin with the cleaning of your wheels leaving them squeaky clean!

  9. Rinse and Foam the vehicle

  10. Safely Hand wash and dry

  11. Apply wax & Tire shine

  12. Exterior windshield, back glass, and windows are cleaned. 



  • Midlothian

  • Powhatan

  • Short Pump

  • Hopewell/ Chester

FAQ: Silver Detailing Package

Does this silver include the interior shampoo?


Yes, the silver mobile detailing package will leave the interior of your car feeling and looking like-new!


I have leather seats, does the price change?


Usually pricing does not change based on the seats in your car, we do steam clean and condition your leather seats so there’s no difference in pricing.


Do you guys clean the headliner?


Great question, yes! We spot clean and in some instances steam clean the headliner that way you know your car was cleaned top to bottom, and front to back.


What payments do you Accept?


We accept credit, and debit cards as well as online platforms for bank transfer, etc. 


Do I have to pay full price?


Actually you don’t, however we do require a deposit to lock in your appointment in our schedule. Even if you get a time and date, no appointment is set until the deposit is paid.


Once the deposit is paid, that price will be deducted from your original quote.

Where will this detail be done?

Truthfully speaking 99% of our car detailing jobs are performed mobile, meaning that we will come to you. Water and Electricity will be provided by us and so no need to leave your home or even get in any waiting lines. The shop is brought to you!

Will you need access to water & electricity?

Most of our clients in Richmond allow us access to their water spigot and electric outlet, however since we are a mobile detailing business we carry a water tank and power generator in cases where our potential client may live in a apartment complex where it may not be readily available.

How long will this service take?

The average duration for a service like this is typically 2 to 4 hours. Depending the size of your vehicle, and the condition that it's in the time of completion may fluctuate, we appreciate your patience and promise it'll be worth the wait! 

Will this remove scratches from my car?

The Silver Package wont remove any scratches since it doesn't include the exterior polish like our Gold Package would.

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