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Showroom Paint Correction in Richmond,Va

Get rid of your paint imperfections and give your car a mirror glaze finish!

We've all been there, that moment you look at your car under the sun and notice all the swirls and ugly scratch marks on your cars paint.

Believe it or not, these scratches and "spider-web" swirl marks are actually keeping your cars from truly shining at its best!


How did they get there in the first place Mendez?


Most times, these imperfection are formed on your paint due to bad car washing techniques, or improper drying methods.


before correction.PNG

How We Actually Correct Your Paint

We'd first start off by assessing your vehicle to determine if you'd desire a 1 Step, or a 2 Step Paint polish.

We'd also first have to figure out 

Get your Cars Paint Corrected & left looking like "new"

Some thing you should know before booking an appointment is the importance of knowing the differences between a level 1, and a level 2 paint correction service. This is going to ensure you're fully knowledgable throughout the process.

Keep in mind every car is unique and different, so vehicle A may look stunning with a level 1, but vehicle B won't even look half decent and may require a level 2 correction which is much more thorough and more in depth.


Level 1 - Polish

  • Includes 2-3 passes (Light Polishing)

  • Enhances your cars paintwork

  • Remove minor defects and swirls

  • Up to 70% improvement

  • Total cost with coating is less

  • Works great for light color vehicles

  • Perfect fit for new cars


Level 2 - Cut & Polish

  • Includes 5-10 passes (Medium/Heavy Polishing)

  • Restores your cars paint

  • Remove some major defects and deep swirls

  • Up to 90% improvement

  • Total cost with coating is more

  • Works wonders for darker color cars

Simple Pricing

Level 1
Level 2

FAQ: Paint Correction Services in Richmond

What products and tools will be used on my car?

Using different variations of polishers, compounds, lights and towels. Most cars aren't in similar conditions so we will use different methods, techniques, and tools to still get your cars paint to a smooth-as-glass, showroom finish.

Will this be at my home or at a shop location?


Although Mendez Mobile Detailing currently does not have a Richmond, Va shop location. You could opt to drop your car off here at our home-based location.

How long will my car last looking this shiny?


That depends on how often you get your car properly washed and dried moving forward. A great way to keep your car swirl-free and safe is to avoid car washes after any type of paint correction. We also recommend a maintenance hand wash bi-weekly, or even monthly.

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