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Fully restore your vehicle inside & out for a much longer lifespan and happy years of ownership

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Nothing can compare to that feeling we get going in & out of a clean, and shiny car.

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Professional Interior Detailing

Revamp your cars interior with our interior detailing service, not only will your vehicle be left looking fresh and clean it will also smell like new with our Custom Mendez Air Fragrance thats included with each detail.

  • Air blow for hard to reach areas and tight corners

  • Door panels, door handle, and buttons and detailed and cleaned

  • Dashboard, Center console, cup holder, compartments are all included

  • Seat & Carpets shampooed for stain removal

  • Odor removal, leather conditioning, etc.

Swirl-Free Exterior Washes

The exterior services go far beyond your typical car wash, and spray wax. We actually go above and beyond, giving your vehicle the proper care it needs:

  • Complete Bug Removal on all mirrors and bumpers

  • Professional Hand wash, and hand dry

  • Blow Dry between cracks and crevices - ready to be driven

  • Wipe down Door jambs

  • Wax/Sealant

  • and much more! 

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Showroom Paint Restoration Services

Make your cars paint shine and pop like never before. This service will completely transform and preserve your cars life span while also increasing its overall value. Our paint correction is proven to get you feeling good about what you're driving

  • Proper hand wash, wheel cleaning, and paint prep 

  • Clay bar to remove hard to remove contaminants

  • Iron removal to prevent rust on paint, and remove iron particles from the paint

  • Polish & Seal for insane shine of your car

  • Long term protection for long term ownership

  • Perfect for new-car prep!

Live Google Reviews

"Mendez was quick to respond to my inquiry and made it easy to schedule. On the day of the work, he contacted me before he arrived. He did a great job restoring our car that had been through a lot"

"Great customer service, they were on time, very professional, and the detailing job was nicely done on our Mercedes Benz. Highly recommended it!"

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"They were very professional and detail oriented. Great quality end result. We know we will be using their business again and are already recommending to friends and family"