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Convenient Mobile Car Detailing
in Richmond

Maintain that new car look with our basic car detail package

If you’re choosing the Bronze package, its because you are looking for a simple clean inside & out.


Your vehicle most likely doesn't need any bad stains removed w/ our full interior cleaning.

Instead this package is designed specifically to upkeep the look on your ride and not restore it.


Check our Silver Package for a much thorough clean

This service is designed for the person whose car has previously been detailed before or someone looking to always keep their ride looking and feeling like new.


Typically, this sort of service must be performed anywhere from once (1) a month or every three (3) months for the best results for your vehicle. 


This Bronze Detail package is Designed to make your car feel fresh and clean again.


Interior Detail

  1. Basic interior detail

  2. Thorough vacuum in between cracks and crevices

  3. Full interior wipe down and detail (cup holder, air vents, etc.)

  4. Interior windows and glass

  5. Door jambs

  6. Custom Mendez Freshener

Exterior Detail


  1. Rims, wheels, and wheel well cleaning

  2. Gas cap, trunk jambs, bug removal.

  3. Foam Hand Wash

  4. Air blow, and Hand dry

  5. Tire shine

  6. Exterior windows and glass

Simple Pricing


Small/ Coupes

2-2.5 hours




2.5-3 hours




3-3.5 hours


The Detailing Process


Note: A Detailed service like this may to up to 3 hours to complete! 


  1. We start off by inspecting the vehicle and verifying the price before starting

  2. If any loose trash is left inside we will begin by removing that

  3. If applicable - floor mats are all removed and cleaned

  4. Interior is thoroughly vacuumed and compressed with air for hard to reach areas

  5. All cup holders, door panels, and interior hard surface are protected and cleaned

  6. Vacuum again for any missed spots

  7. Interior windows, windshield, and glass is cleaned for crystal clear vision

  8. Door jambs are lightly sprayed

  9. Gas cap is safely cleaned

  10. Rinse down the vehicle and remove and bugs off the front end of vehicle

  11. APC rinse (if applicable)

  12. Foam Wash Vehicle

  13. Safely and properly wash car top to bottom front to back

  14. Rinse off soap from your car

  15. Dry with drying towels and power tools for a streak free finish

  16. Exterior Glass is cleaned

  17. Tire shine is applied (sling free)

  18. Wax is applied by spray or hand wax

  19. Custom Mendez Air Freshener

  20. Drive off happy in your new, fresh smelling car!



  • Midlothian

  • Powhatan

  • Short Pump

  • Hopewell/ Chester

Majority of the jobs that we do are mobile based, this one in particular is one of our Popular options being that it can be done within 3 hours depending on the cars condition and car size.


We service areas like Chesterfield, Richmond, Henrico, Chester and many more just as long as its within 30-40 miles from us.


Scheduling your appointment has never been so easy, send a request form so we have all your information, once we’ve received it please allow up to 2 business days in order for us to get back to you as there is a high demand for our Premium services.


After you submit a request, you will get sent a quote based off the services you're inquiring about and the type of vehicle that you own. 


We will then reach out to you based upon the approval or denial of the Quote.

Finally, we’ll pick out a time and date as well as answer any questions you may have about the mobile car detailing service. 

Once we lock in your mobile detailing slot, we'll come to you providing the detail shop at your doorsteps without you having to leave your sofa! 


FAQ: Bronze Detail Package


Do you need a water hose?


No, having a water hose available for us isn’t required on your part. Being that we carry our own water supply in our mobile rig we can easily wash and detail your vehicle without any problems.

Do I pay before or After the Detail?


We accept a deposit prior to scheduling, once the detail you’ve selected is complete we will process an invoice via email and text confirmation for you to pay making it super convenient for busy people!

How long does this Service take?


Typically a mobile detailing service like this one can range anywhere from 2 up to 4 hours. It varies depending on the vehicles condition & the size also plays a factor.


Where do I drop it off?


This is the most common question we get, since we are a fully equipped and ready to go mobile detailing business. We conveniently provide our detailing service all from the comfort of your home or work place. Theres no need to leave your driveway!


What forms of payments do you accept?


We accept all major payments such as visa, credit, and debit cards. You could also choose from any of the online platforms like Zelle, cash-app, and Venmo if that works best for you.

Will this remove scratches from my car?

Although our carnauba wax will hide and fill minor imperfections it will not remove scratches on your cars paint. A different kind of service will do that, we recommend our paint correction services

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