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Level 1 - Paint Polish and Light Correction

Increase the gloss and shine on your Car With a
Polish & Paint Sealant

Ideally the type of client for this service is going to be someone who’s looking to improve their cars shine.

You've had enough, your paint just doesn't seem to shine like it once used to! Wash & waxing just isn't working anymore for you.

What is the Level 1 Paint Polish?

When it comes to paint correction and restoration there are a few different stages, those different stages give you drastically different results.

The level 1 stage is just the Polishing. During this single stage polish your vehicles paintwork will be properly prepped and left looking flawless.

Ideally this service will be for cars with a paint job that have light swirl marks and minor scratching since they can be removed up to 80% with this service.


If your vehicle has deep scratches and heavy swirl marks it may need a much deeper paint correction service like our level 2.


Unlike the level 2, the one step polish will not cut deep into the paint, your vehicle will simply be lightly polished to remove up to 80% of your cars imperfections.

A Step above our Paint enhancement, which serves as an “all in one” polish and seal, the level one polish is much more extensive and more dedicated towards correcting the imperfections.


Many benefits that you get from this service


  • Refine your Paint - This will completely transform the exterior paint work and give it a much deeper gloss since we will be removing all swirls and scratches to the best of our abilities for you.

  • High end Protection - this level 1 polish, paired with the ceramic coating is a power combo for newer vehicles making it perfect for new car prep.

  • Out with Old, In with the NEW- Remove that old dull layer of paint, and give your vehicle a fresh new shine!


Level 1

Paint Polish & Seal

  1. Wheel and rim detailing

  2. Door jambs, gas cap and emblems

  3. Engine bay cleaning

  4. APC rinse to fully cleanse paintwork

  5. Foam wash vehicle

  6. Hand Wash with washing mitts with soap

  7. Rinse vehicle

  8. Spray iron remover to eliminate contaminants, etc.

  9. Clay bar vehicle to make super slick and smooth

  10. Polish paint to remove 80% of swirls and scratches 

  11. Add sealant which will protect your vehicle up to 12 months

Simple Pricing



3+ hours




4+ hours




Full day


Paint Polishing Process - Level 1

  1. Properly wash

    1. The wheels, fenders, and tires will be cleaned

    2. Bugs will be removed from vehicle front bumper

    3. Hand wash & Hand dry

    4. Engine compartments are cleaned


  1. Decontamination

    1. Fully APC rinse vehicle (degreaser) breaking down tree sap and other grime from your car's paint

    2. Spray iron remover to eliminate brake dust, and other elements from Richmond VA (tree sap, water etching, etc.)


  1. Paint Polish

    1. Lightly polish paintwork to remove swirls and light scratches

    2. Protect the polishing with a protective sealant

    3. Sealant preventing UV rays, bird poo, and other elements from causing your paint to fade



  • Richmond

  • Chesterfield

  • Henrico

  • Glenn Allen

  • Midlothian

  • Powhatan

  • Short Pump

  • Hopewell/ Chester

A paint polish is typically something you should get done atleast once a year. That is, if you don’t have the ceramic coating (which offers the best protection for your car).


Typically once the polish is done, it is also sealed. The sealant will act as the barrier between your car's paint and that scratch mark that may be added later down the line.


Keep in mind that Wax, Sealants, and Ceramic coatings are all protective barriers, some are just far more durable than others.


With this sealant, your vehicle will be Clay bar, and decontaminated making your car's paint feel smooth and stay protected for up to 12 months.


FAQ: Level 1 - Paint Polishing

Will this remove ALL scratches from my paint?


No, the one stage polish is only going to improve your paint about 75-80%. This is designed to eliminate minor scratches and swirls.


If your vehicle has tons of scratches you may benefit from a service like the level 2. 


Will you come to me?


Typically for a service like this one we would need to perform under a controllable environment. This service will only be shop based since we are driven to provide your car with the best care.


Does the price change?


It depends, to be fair, we send out price estimates to our clients. Doing so will give you a sense of relief knowing what it may cost for your desired results.


We also do test spot assessments upon arrival, and based on your budget and expectations we can agree on a set price in person.


How does Scheduling work?


Getting on the books is not too difficult, if you simply fill out a form someone will reach out to you at our earliest convenience.


We are typically booked 2 weeks out in advance so you have plenty of time to do research and fully prepare for your car's transformation.


How often should I get this service?


It depends, if you’re strictly doing this solo, meaning you aren’t adding a long term protection like a ceramic coating. 


Then you ideally would want to do this at least 1 time a year since the protective sealant isn’t as durable as the ceramic coatings which can last up to a full 10 years! 


Do I pay in Full Now or Later?

We require a deposit of $200 for any and all Paint correction services. However the full price will be paid upon completion of the paint polish and or pickup.

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