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Due to the high demand for our detail services and the increase of cancellations and no shows, Mendez will officially require all new & old clients to make a deposit in order to secure their detailing service.

Time is very important to us, so we ask that you understand & carefully read our policies listed below.

Deposit Policy


If you have to cancel or reschedule 24 hours before the set appointment we will do so, however a new deposit will be required to secure a new appointment. Deposits will vary upon your detail service, anywhere from $25, $50, $75, or even $100 would be required to secure your detailing slot.


Same day cancellations will not be accepted or be refunded. Unless the owner approves and waives the fee due to bad weather, equipment failure, or staffing levels.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that some things are beyond our control, life happens. Our goal here at Mendez is to provide top quality and professional services to all who request our assistance. However, 48 hours of notice will be required in order to cancel or reschedule your car detail.

Due to the amount of time it takes to perform top quality services and the size of our operation, cancellations and reschedules have a lasting effect. Therefore we would need 48 hours of notice so we can then fill that detail slot with someone who could also use our services.

No shows Policy

In the case that keys are not present, or we show up to the set detailing appointment without you being there we will charge 100% of the service fee upon failure arrival. 

Bad weather Conditions

The weather can be one of those things that is out of our control, therefore is by any means there's bad weather and we aren't operational there won't be any added fees to your detail. We will simply reach out to you and reschedule your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions:



What if something comes up and I have to Cancel Last Minute?


If you cancel or reschedule your detailing appointment 24 hours before it is scheduled we will hold the deposit fee and a new deposit will be required for the next detail appointment.

What if the weather is bad, do I get my deposit back?

Weather plays a huge role when it comes to being mobile and working outdoors, if by any means the weather is bad and we are no longer operational we will contact you to reschedule and not charge another deposit fee. 

Is the deposit used as credit to my full price?

Yes, the deposit it used towards the final price of your detail service. We aren't charging you anything extra we simply take the deposit and subtract that from the final detail price.

How much will the deposit be?

The deposit won't be the same for each and every service so it will depend on what type of service you'll be getting done, anywhere from $25, $50, or up to $100 on most jobs will be required to secure your slot on our calendar. 

Can I pay for the full service up-front?

We don't recommend you do so, we prefer if we were paid after the completion of the job. 

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