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Professional Mobile Car Detailing Richmond, VA

Revitalize Your Ride with a Complete Reset through Our Detailing Services

Mendez Mobile Detailing LLC

What's Included in the Gold Package

Interior Detailing

  • Detail and Thorough vacuum with an air gun

  • Full interior wipe down and detail (cup holder, air vents, etc.)

  • Spray and Agitate seats and carpet with steam

  • Full Shampoo

  • Wipe clean headliner (car ceiling)

  • Clean Interior windows and glass

  • Rinse off Door jambs



  • Rims, wheels, and wheel well cleaning

  • Gas cap, trunk jambs, front-end bug removal.

  • Foam Hand Wash & Engine cleanse

  • Air blow, and Hand dry

  • Tire shine

  • Exterior windows and glass

  • Paint Polish for Swirl free finish

  • 10+ month sealant protection


Mendez Mobile Detailing Process


Note: A Detailed service like this may to up to 4+ hours to complete! 


  1. Clean Wheels, tires and all fenders with a variety of brushes.

  2. Properly hand wash all exterior panels, clean emblems with brushes to get in hard to reach areas

  3. Fully clean door jambs, gas cap and remove all bugs on front end

  4. Decontaminate your cars paint and clay bar to smooth finish

  5. Machine polish and remove swirl marks and scratches on your paint

  6. Add a polymer sealant (2nd layer) for a 10+ month protection

  7. Safely wash and dress all engine bay compartments

  8. Add Tire shine to wheels (dry to touch - no slings)

  9. Clean Exterior Glass for crystal Clear Vision

  10. Remove any trash and loose items from the inside of your vehicle

  11. Thoroughly vacuum your carpets, floor matts in combination with our air compressor, drills, etc.

  12. Premium quality steam clean on all interior surfaces killing germs and refreshen your interior smell

  13. Lightly brush and steam clean interior seats, carpets, and headliner to bring out your cars original look

  14. Clean interior windows and visors

  15. Final inspection to ensure a high quality finish once the job is complete!

Simple Pricing

Vehicle size: Size chart







Mendez Mobile Detailing - Unparalleled Auto Detailing Excellence in Richmond, VA!

Trust your prized possession to the experts at Mendez Mobile Detailing, where we take auto detailing to a whole new level. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering the finest care for your vehicle.


From comprehensive interior and exterior detailing to meticulous engine bay wash, every inch of your car will shine like never before.

  • Punctuality and Professionalism - Our Promise to You! ⏱️

    • At Mendez Mobile Detailing, we respect your time and value your satisfaction. You can trust us to be on time and ready to work our magic once you schedule your appointment. No more waiting around – we come to you!

  • Contactless Payment - Hassle-Free Transactions

    • Enjoy a seamless and secure payment process with our contactless payment options. Convenience is paramount, and we make sure your detailing journey is as smooth as your freshly detailed car.

  • Elevate Your Driving Experience!

    • ​Whether you're preparing for a special event, impressing potential buyers, or simply treating yourself and your car, Mendez Mobile Detailing is your go-to choice. Experience the difference that meticulous detailing can make, and take pride in driving a car that looks as good as new.


Don't wait another moment! Schedule your auto detailing appointment in Richmond with Mendez Mobile Detailing now. We're eager to transform your vehicle inside and out, leaving it looking stunning and refreshed. Trust us for a remarkable detailing experience that exceeds all expectations!

Reclaim the Comfort in Your Car's Interior


Are you a busy professional in Richmond, VA who spends a significant amount of time in your car? Our mobile car detailing service specializes in shampooing car interiors, bringing back the comfort and cleanliness you deserve. Say goodbye to crumbs, stains, and unpleasant odors, and say hello to a spotless and inviting sanctuary on wheels. Let us take care of your car while you focus on conquering your daily hustle.

Unleash Your Car's True Beauty

Is your car's paint losing its luster? Don't settle for a dull and lackluster appearance. Our mobile car detailing service in Richmond, VA is here to breathe new life into your vehicle's paintwork. Using advanced techniques and high-quality products, we can transform your car's exterior, eliminating scratches, swirl marks, and faded paint. Get ready to turn heads on the road once again and rediscover the joy of driving a car that shines with confidence.

The Royal Treatment for Your Car, Includes both Interior Shampoo & Paint Polishing

Indulge in the ultimate mobile car detailing experience in Richmond, VA with our comprehensive package – where no detail is spared!

Get ready to be amazed as we work our magic with this transformative mobile car detailing service. From top to bottom, every inch of your car will receive the utmost care and attention.

Our meticulous shampoo treatment will work wonders on your car's interior, banishing dirt, stains, and odors to leave it feeling fresh and revitalized.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to give your car the love it deserves!

Check availability below and let us, Mendez Mobile Detailing, revitalize your prized possession to its former glory.


Real Results. Real Reviews. Happy Customers

Kiley S. Chesterfield

My car looks amazing! It is like a brand new car and I am super happy with the detail! Thank you!

average rating is 4.5 out of 5

The interior of the car had been hit by mold. Full interior cleaned and shampooed. Great service.

average rating is 4.5 out of 5

Mark P. Chester

Great experience with the Ceramic coating. The car was left like new 100% recommended

average rating is 4.5 out of 5

Discover the convenience and care of our mobile car detailing service in vibrant Richmond, VA. Feel the joy of stepping into a fresh and revitalized interior, knowing that every detail is handled with love and expertise.


Our skilled professionals ensure enhanced protection and improved resale value, giving you the confidence to take pride in your ride. With us, you'll experience a timely and professional service that saves you time and grants you peace of mind.


Elevate your car ownership with Mendez Mobile Detailing - your trusted partner in keeping your car gleaming and cherished. Book your appointment now and let's make your car shine with a personal touch!



  • Midlothian

  • Powhatan

  • Short Pump

  • Hopewell/ Chester

FAQ: Gold Detailing Package


What is the main difference between The Silver & Gold packages?

The major difference is the exterior work, the Gold package includes the exterior polish and seal removing minor imperfections while the Silver package is simply a spray sealant and won't remove any imperfections on your paint.

How can I pay?

You can pay with either your credit or debit card, we accept cash & checks. We also have contactless methods so you won't have to worry about pulling out your wallet, everything can be taken care of through your mobile phone.

Where will this detail be done?

Water and Electricity will be provided by us and so no need to leave your home or even get in any waiting lines. The shop is brought to you!

Will you need access to water & electricity?

Yes and No, most of our clients in Richmond allow us access to their water spigot and electric outlet, however since we are a mobile detailing business we carry a water tank and power generator in cases where our potential client may live in an apartment complex where it may not be readily available.

Does the price change based on the size of the car? 

Yes, the size of the vehicle will drastically make a difference in pricing just like all our other services. Since it will take a bit more time to complete the detail on a bigger size vehicle, the pricing will vary.

How long will this service take?

The average duration for a service like this is typically 3 to 6 hours. Depending on the size of your vehicle, and the condition that it's in the time of completion may fluctuate, we appreciate your patience and promise it'll be worth the wait! 

Will this remove scratches from my car?

Yes! Now it's important to note that we aren't guaranteeing a 100% scratch-free finish, however, the machine polish is going to drastically increase your car's shine and get rid of those swirl marks and minor scratches that are on your car.

If you're looking for a Showroom Finish Paint Correction, we can do that for you. This is the type of service that you're actually looking for here.

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