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Stain And Car Interior
Cleaning in Richmond Va

Rejuvenate your cars interior with our interior shampoo service

The ideal person who is looking at getting this service done on their vehicle is someone who really needs to hit the reset button on their car's interior.


The full interior cleaning will be considered our most extensive cleaning service. This means that the interior of your car will be our main and only focus throughout the entire detailing process.

Keep in mind that our interior cleaning isn’t paired with any exterior washes.

If you’d like to get the outside of your vehicle waxed also, we recommend checking out our Silver package.


This Full Interior cleaning will consist of the basic detailing which will leave all your cup holders, air vents and interior panels clean and shiny. Making it exciting to go out for a ride!

Your carpets will be agitated with drill brushes, and an air tool we like to use which will ensure we get into nooks and crannies.


Someone that's got really bad stains on their car's interior is looking for this kind of service. 


You’ve had enough of getting in and out of your vehicle and not being confident about how it looks on the inside.


It's not your fault, stuff happens! You may even think to yourself that it’s impossible to remove some of the stains on your seats and carpets.

full cleaning_edited.jpg

​Full Interior Shampoo (ONLY)

  • Dashboard, center console, all door panels, and cup holders are left spotless

  • Floor mats and carpets are steam cleaned and extracted back to its original look

  • Bad and minor odor smells are lifted with our steam cleaning methods and extraction process

  • Steering wheel and drivers cockpit will be meticulously cleaned (buttons, turn signals, etc.)

  • All interior surfaces and panels will be protected from sun rays to prevent cracking

  • Interior glass is cleaned

  • Seats are shampooed front and back, top to bottom

  • Headliner is lightly scrubbed and cleaned



Small/ Coupes

2-3 hours




2.5-3 hours




3-4 hours


Mendez Mobile Shampoo Process


Note: A Detailed service like this may to up to 2 hours to complete! 

1. As always, we like inspecting the vehicle along with our clients to best set expectations, since we can't guarantee that EVERY stain will be removed. 

2. Once the thorough inspection i s complete its time to start the magic! First we'll have to remove all your trash and loose items so that we don't have a problem passing our vaccum in the later steps.

3. Usually by this point we are using our air gun tool to blow any dust, or debris that may be laying inside your interior. 

4. Following behind the air tool, we now use our vacuum to quickly clean up and remove anything in between the fabrics in your carpet. It need to be near perfect we actually start our shampoo process.

5. The interior shampoo also includes the basic interior detail which is what we will be doing once the vacuum is complete. 

6. Air vents, door panels, cup holders, drivers cockpit and steering wheel will be exclusively detailed and left to perfection.

7. This is typically when we start the shampoo which is going to consist of three major tools, our drill brush, our steamer, and our pump spray filled with our interior cleaning chemical mix.

8. Quickly spraying and agitating all your interior fabrics will loosen all surface stains making them easier to wipe clean.

9. Following with our steamer will steam clean the fabrics making them warm and lifting up stains that can also be wiped cleaned.

10. Finally, we inspect the vehicle and check to see if there's anything that may need some retouching.

NOTE: If there is Pet Hair inside the vehicle, it would be charged accordingly as an additional cost. 


Richmond, VA has probably the most unpredictable times where it's going to rain. 

Something as small as forgetting to roll up your windows can increase the odor in your car since the interior would be soaking wet from all the rain fall.


Also, with it being hot and sunny the car actually begins to create mold.


We aren’t trying to scare you, we are simply pointing out that no matter how small or big the problem, we’ve got a solution.


Not even if you’ve got kids who completely trash the interior of your car, we’ve come across it all. We challenge you to try and surprise us!


Mendez Mobile Detailing will make the interior of your car look almost like-new with all of our detailing methods.

Check out the process:


1) Throw out any trash: We won't throw any personal items away or take them with us, we'll simply separate them into a separate bag and remove any loose trash that's in your car.

2) Vacuum: your entire car will be properly and professionally vacuumed, all crevices and hard to reach areas will be thoroughly vacuumed out. 

3) Full interior Shampoo: Using our fabric shampoo and our steam cleaner we will give as many passes as it takes to remove any stains on both the seats, and the carpets!

4) Interior Detail: we'll tediously clean and shine your car's door panels, cup holders, dashboard and any plastic in your car's interior is wiped and cleaned.

5) Crystal Clear Glass: Every glass in the interior will be wiped clean with our ammonia and tint safe glass cleaner to give you a crystal clear vision driving around Richmond.

6) Door Jambs: As we walk around the vehicle and check for any last minute touches we'll degrease and wipe clean all door jambs to give your car a complete flawless finish!


Don't hesitate to get in contact with Mendez Mobile Detailing, we aren't here to judge on how bad your interior is.


We Simply want to help so you feel much more comfortable in your ride. If you need your car to look and smell much better, we'll come out to get the job done right.

Note: Some customers also prefer to add on our Wash & Wax service for a full interior and exterior detail experience.



  • Richmond

  • Chesterfield

  • Henrico

  • Glenn Allen

  • Midlothian

  • Powhatan

  • Short Pump

  • Hopewell/ Chester

FAQ: Interior Car Cleaning Questions

How long does this service take?

Truthfully speaking the condition of your interior and the size of the vehicle plays a VERY important role on how long it will takes us to properly complete the job. Typically, this service can take 4 hours to 6 hours to complete in ideal conditions. We do however promise it will be worth your wait!

Will it smell like chemicals in my car once you’re done?

Most certainly not, we use biodegradable and safe products. So there's no need to worry about any harsh chemical smells. The only smell we'll leave behind is our air fragrance making your ride smell like new!

How long does it take for my seats and carpets to dry?

If the weather is relatively warm on the day we shampoo your seats and carpet, then you can expect them to be dry by the time we finish to detail. If its cold or raining then you can expect them to take a bit longer to dry out. Typically we expect everything to be dry within 3 hours.

We try our best with our tools to leave them dry for you if you're heading out!

Do you come to me?

Yes, we are a mobile based company servicing all of Richmond VA and surrounding areas. Whether you are at home, or maybe even at an apartment complex, your car can still get a high quality finish without you having to leave anywhere.

We do in most cases require access to water and electricity.

Do I pay now or later?

We require a deposit fee, therefore it will be collected up front to get you booked on our calendar. Once your detail is done, and your car feels brand new again you can pay your detailer with credit card, check, or cash.
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