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Swirl Removal & Auto Polish in Richmond

Get rid of your cars swirl marks and give it a boost of shine for months!

The paint enhancement includes a deep exterior wash and clay bar with a light polish to remove up to 70% of your car's paint imperfections.


Swirl marks are typically created when the car is dried with a dry towel or simply dried improperly. It’s important to know the cause of the swirl marks so you can limit and put an end to them as soon as possible. 


With our polisher and our Koch Chemie Fine Cut, we’ll be sure to enhance the gloss on your car's paint making it look super glossy without having to get a full paint correction service.

Swirl Removal in Richmond VA
Auto Polish in Richmond

The benefits that come with a service like this are endless, you’ll be extremely confident, you’ll enjoy and start to care about your car more. 


You’re not going to want to let your vehicle go through the same mistake, which is why we recommend getting on our maintenance list. Doing so will keep us coming back on a monthly or biweekly schedule ensuring the proper washing methods for your vehicle.


Not only will you be excited to jump in your car and go for a ride but others will instantly be able to notice the insane shine your car now has.

Richmond Swirl Removal

Exterior Paint Enhancement (ONLY)


  1. Wheels, and tires will be degreased and cleaned

  2. Door jambs and gas cap will be safely rinsed

  3. Foam bath, and hand wash

  4. Iron removal to decontaminate paint

  5. Clay bar to decontaminate and make paint super smooth

  6. Rinse vehicle down

  7. Properly hand and air blow dry with thick drying towels

  8. Dry cracks and crevices

  9. Wipe clean all door jambs

  10. Polish exterior paint with lake country pad and koch chemie fine cut for a flawless finish!

  11. Dress wheels and tires

  12. Clean all exterior windows and glass

Simple Pricing


Small/ Coupes

2-2.5 hours




2.5-3 hours




3-3.5 hours


Mendez Paint Polish Process


Note: A Detailed service like this may to up to 3 hours to complete! 


  1. Starting with the inspection we’d like to take a look at your car's paint and see if we can actually make a difference since some scratches may be too deep and will need a true paint correction.

  2. Wheels are properly cleaned, we start with wheels since this will likely be the dirtiest part of your vehicle.

  3. Once all wheels are finished we’ll begin by rinsing down all your door jambs and gas cap this will remove any accumulated dirt and grime in your jambs leaving them super clean.

  4. After the door jambs are rinsed, the vehicle is then rinsed, this will provide us with lubrication before getting into the foam and soap wash.

  5. Your vehicle will then be foamed with a thick layer of soap, this is also providing our detailing specialist with lubrication ensuring no scratch marks are added or any damage is done on your paint with our contact wash.

  6. The vehicle will then be rinsed and we will begin our decontamination phase. This process will give the vehicle an even deeper cleanse, making sure that we remove all the grit, bugs, and any other particles embedded in your paint.

  7. The process we like to take is by applying our Iron Removal, this is going to prevent rust build up and make your paint super slick and shiny once we clay bar.

  8. Once the iron removal is applied, we will clay bar the vehicle back to smoothness, you will be able to feel the insane smoothness on the paint once we finish this step.

  9. Last but not least we will rinse the vehicle once again and begin our drying phase with thick drying towels and various tools so no water is dripping.

  10. Finally, we will begin the polishing stage which will be performed with Koch Chemie Fine cut and a Lake country 5.5inch polishing orange pad.

  11. Once the polish is finished and your car has the best shine it's ever had, your wheels and tires are dressed as well as all exterior glass will be cleaned.

Car Detailing Richmond VA


  • Richmond

  • Chesterfield

  • Henrico

  • Glenn Allen

  • Midlothian

  • Powhatan

  • Short Pump

  • Hopewell/ Chester

FAQ: Paint Enhancement Service

Will this remove all the scratches on my car?

Not all scratches will be fully removed, about 70% of them will, it all depends on how your cars paint reacts to our detail process.

The paint enhancement will remove most swirl marks and minor scratches, typically our rule is, if we can run our finger nail through the scratch and feel it is passed the clear coat it will need a much deeper correction.

How long does this service take?

A service like this one where the exterior is the main focus, we can typically expect to take up to 3 hours to complete. It may vary by car size and condition since more vehicles may need a deep cleanse and more prep time prior to polishing. 

Do I pay before or after the detail?

Prior to scheduling, you will pay a deposit, which will be deducted from your total price. After the car detailing is complete, we will then proceed to accept full payment and tips are also appreciated! 

Do you need a water hose?


No, having a water hose available for us isn’t required on your part. Being that we carry our own water supply in our mobile rig we can easily wash and detail your vehicle without any problems.

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