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Why is Ceramic Coating my Car so Expensive?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

We as detailers come across this question way too often. Why is it so darn expensive to get my car ceramic coated? Is there an alternative route? Perhaps something a bit "cheaper" or better yet more affordable and convenient for your wallet.

Well in order for us to break this down for you, we first need to talk about the benefits and the value of getting your car properly ceramic coated.

When the word properly comes up it bring fear into us, with all the new innovations and new techniques continually changing in the auto detailing world things have been taking a turn for ceramic coatings.

Company's have created ceramic coating sprays, and "faster" application processes continue to evolve.

As we all know, Mendez focuses on QUALITY work. And with a quality service comes a hefty price tag, not because we want to take all of your money but most importantly we take pride in our work and realize our value is unmatched by our competitors in the area.

When it comes to properly getting your car ceramic coated, the paint correction is 100% the most important. I mean lets think about this for a second and lets compare the differences.

A true detailer knows that a paint correction is a tedious, time consuming task. It goes a little like this Cut, Polish, Seal, Ceramic coating.

If you'd like to learn a little bit more about the process check out this blog here.

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