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Would Ceramic Coating my car Be worth the money?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Let's face it. The weather here in Richmond, Virginia isn't all that good. Why not just get the best protection for your cars paint, saving you lots of money in the long run.

You drive your car nearly everyday, so you want to feel like a baller every time you step in it right? Well you can't really feel any type of way except anxious or depressed because of the swirls and scratches your car has accumulated overtime.

Ceramic coating is not only the strongest and best recommended type of protection for your cars paint simply because it's in a class of its own making it a bit more expensive on the list of detailing services.

A ceramic coating protects your vehicle from the sun's uv rays, which can cause your car's paint begin to fade over time.

Keep Your Cars Shine

We're all guilty of it. We love and can appreciate a beautiful mirror-like paint job. It's just something about its satisfaction and the joy it brings to us as car enthusiast.

Ceramic will protect and KEEP your car's shine for 1-2 years depending on the coating being applied.

Easy to Wash

Some people may not know this, but typically the wheels are also included in most ceramic coating packages. This simple application can make washing your vehicle all around a lot easier.

You have a protected paint job, protected shiny new wheels. Simply rinsing the vehicle down with your pressure washer will do the trick, although its not recommended.

So we've gone over a few benefits of ceramic coating but you're still wondering if it'll be worth your money.

In order to give you a definite answer you first need to ask yourself two questions.

#1 How will this impact the value of my car?

#2 Can I afford it?

You already know that ceramic coating isn't an expense, its more so an investment into your car and helping it keeps its value in the long run.

Also, being able to afford ceramic coating is also something to think about it can be pretty expensive depending on the condition and other factors of your vehicle.

Once you have answered and determined the answers to these two questions you can move to the next step which is finding the detailers in Richmond who will be performing the ceramic coating to your vehicle.

#1 What are my options and pricing?

#2 Who are the most capable for the job being done properly?

Pricing for Ceramic coating service typically range from $900-$3,000.

The process of ceramic coating isn't simply applying and slapping on the coating. Like anything detailing, there's a proper process that must be followed.

Washing, Claying, Iron-x, Polish, Paint correction, all these things take time and will help your car look brand new if you're willing to be patient.

The most tedious part of them all is the paint correction process as any detailer will tell you. Every scratch and swirl mark on your car will be removed to the best of our capabilities.

Removing scratches with our paint correction brings the life back on your cars paint job. Most people aren't aware but those micro swirls and scratches keep your car from shining, so if you think your car looks good wait until it's finished with the paint correction.

PRICING - it will vary on a ton of factors, the most important to think about is the value that you will be getting and making sure the person is qualified for the job so the process goes smooth.

Contact Mendez for the Best Ceramic Coating and Paint correction services in the RVA area.

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