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Car Wash Tips - 4 Tips and Strategies

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Washing your car is simply how you maintain it's appearance and shine. How else would you get rid of the dirt and grime that's built up from not regularly washing it?

If you're anything like myself you might procrastinate and say you'll handle the situation tomorrow, then tomorrow comes around and it rains and now all of a sudden your task is pushed back to next week!

Please don't be that person that waits until the last minute to get their car washed! Doing this can cause more harm than good.

  1. Wash your Car at least 2x a month

Not regularly washing your car can cause more pain when its time for a wash. If you decide to go through a car wash you'll probably see that some spots were missed and now you'll have to either clean it off yourself or spend more money to get it washed again.

Dirt tends to build up rapidly especially when there's already a good amount on there, it'll only make your car look more dirty and keep it from shining all around so washing your vehicle at least 2-3 times a month is recommended.

2. Use a high quality drying towel

Improper drying on your car can lead to ugly water spots and water marks that can easily be missed if you're not a professional. A way to make this process a lot easier can easily be met by purchasing a high quality car drying towel so you can ensure that your vehicle is dry top to bottom and side to side.

Say no to water spots!! These can be a headache and might cost you more $$ to get fixed.

3. Use two-buckets

The two bucket method is a famous and well known method for proper washing. The way to go about it is to simply fill one bucket with soap and water and another just with water.

You should have one bucket with soap, this will be your washing bucket. The other bucket with just water will be your rinse bucket, this is where you will clean off your wash mitt to remove any dirt that could be on it from washing your vehicle.

Important to note that both these buckets should contain gritt guards. If you aren't sure what those are click here to see

4. Move to shade

Since we're mobile and a majority of our detailing jobs are outdoors sometimes even in harsh conditions. We always try to find ways to make our jobs a lot easier, finding shade is probably the best thing you could do.

The sun can easily become your worst enemy when you're out detailing. One moment you have a bit of shade and the next the sun is burning like lava all over your cars panels and simply wiping becomes a problem.

Shade is your best friend when you're washing your car especially in the hot summer months. Doing so will bring some calmness to you and you'll be more comfortable ensuring you deliver high quality results to your vehicle.

Now we gave you 4 tips on how to properly wash your vehicle. Don't go out telling all your friends our secrets!!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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