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Auto Detail Company in Richmond Va - Whats Included in a Car Detail

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Mendez Mobile Detailing provides your car with a very extensive and thorough cleaning. Whether your cars interior is in bad shape or you have stained seats there isn't any challenge we aren't willing to take on.

"Man Best Detail Ever, These Guys Don't Miss A Spot, If You aren't Taking Your Car To These Guys You Not Getting The Right Detail" - Jeremy C.

Whats included in Your Auto Detail Package

There are over dozens and dozens of mobile car detailers in the richmond area, they all have different techniques, prices, and deliver on different quality of work. So what one detailer may include in their detail package another more experienced detailer wouldn't.

The list that I'm going to go over in this article is going to differ from many other detailing companies and shops in Virginia. We're going to teach you about whats included in your detailing service as well as what to look for when the job is complete.

So, in order for you to fully understand and know what's included with your detail we have to begin to think like a professional auto detailer. We have to get into the mind of a detailer in order for us to know what needs to be done so we can determine what to look out for.

Vacuum - this is probably one of the most simplest aspects in the car cleaning process, but yet some tend to screw this up. Not only does the vacuum play an important role in the overall look of your car it's also something that can make your car feel new again.

Putting both front drivers, and the passengers seats forward and vacuuming behind and underneath them is a highly effective simple, quick tip we recommend trying. Doing so allows for the person cleaning to get in between every crack and crevices.

Stain Removal - If you're someone who has stains on your seats, we recommend adding on our seat shampoo service. This will remove 80-90% of the stains and bring your interior back to life.

Depending on the auto detailer this add-on can be a fairly priced option, bringing your interior back to life has never seemed so simple. In the photo above you can notice how just getting the seats shampooed transform this cars look!

Interior Detail - this is a common detailing basic cleaning that most detailing package should include. Utilizing various brushes and sprays (APC) for the cleaning of your cup holders, center console, buttons, door panels, plastic trim and steering wheel will drastically increase the interior of your car.

If you get your car detailed by a professional you should look in between the cup holders, check the door panels make sure they were nice and clean as well and the drivers cot pit. There should be no dirt or dust left behind!

Exterior Wash - taking and running your car through a automatic car wash machine isn't ideal and overtime more and more people are beginning to understand why. Properly washing your vehicle is important, hand washing and drying is something most detailers include.

Watch out for any auto detailer who may be using brooms, or hard bristle brushes on our exterior paint as it can add scratches and cause damage to your paint keeping your car from shining.

The exterior detail should include the following

  • Cleaning of the wheels and wheel wells

  • Rim cleaning

  • Hand Wash & Dry

  • Dressing of tires

  • Drying of door jambs

  • Applying wax or sealant to paint of shine and protection

If you book any of our paint correction services, that'll be another topic being that its a more extensive procedure than your typical wash and wax detailing package.


Nonetheless, if you are choosing to detail your own car the level of attention to detail must always be taken into consideration. My very first few times detailing it was apparent that there were still spots being missed and overlooked. Don't be too hard on yourself, detailing is something very fun and satisfying that I wish everyone could do.

Truth is, it's always way easier for some of us to call the experts and let the professionals handle it. Mendez Mobile Detailing is dedicated to serving you and providing you with the best auto detail in Richmond VA.

Call us or Book an Appointment with us Online!

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