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What's the Best Tire Dressing to Use on Your Wheels?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Don't you enjoy seeing your wheels clean and shiny every time you look at it, I know for myself a set of clean wheels is definitely a confidence boost.

Knowing your car is shiny top to bottom front to back is why were the best rated car wash and auto detailing company in Richmond.

Dressing on your tire will make your car look complete and enhance your vehicle’s appearance.

Whats the Best Tire Dressing?

Let's be honest, you could easily chose to go to any auto parts store and find a cheap and shiny tire dressing. It'll work just as great!

Whether its $5 or $60 for tire dressing the end result will most likely look the same and give your tires the same shine.

If I were to take a Ferrari and apply a $5 tire dressing from my local auto parts store, no one would be able to tell the difference- not even the more experienced professional detailer that have been detailing for years.

Conclusion in all honesty it doesn't matter what products your using, as long as you enjoy and are pleased with the outcome that's all that matters.

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