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What its like servicing Richmond with our Effortless Mobile Detailing services - Mendez Supershine

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Give your car a memorable car detail experience by Richmonds leader in car detailing.

Are you tired of seeing your car dirty? Can’t stop seeing those wheels all dusty and full of brake dust? Maybe it’s time to look for a great mobile auto detailing service.

When you’re looking around richmond for your mobile detailing needs.You must first understand the process that goes into auto detailing your vehicle to its like-new appearance.

We will discuss the techniques and the strategies that we incorporate in 99% of vehicles here at Mendez Supershine no matter the condition that its in, guaranteeing high-quality results and getting your cars exterior and interior supershined.

Alright, so we all know about the basics the vacuum, the glass cleaning, but first thing we're going to touch base on is the mobile detailing tools & supplies. We need to make sure we’ve got resources to complete the detail.

Here's a list of the tools that are needed to get the job done.


-Glass cleaner

-Extension cord

-Water Hose

-Interior Cleaning Brushes

-Exterior Cleaning Brushes

-Wash Mitts & Buckets

-Drying Towels

-Cleaning Chemicals (degreasers,tire shine, etc.)

Now that we have all the tools and products needed to perform the mobile detailing job, we first need to figure out how bad the condition of the vehicle we will be working on is. We do this by first, taking a look at the exterior.

Richmond mobile detailing

Let's start with the wheels and the wheel wells.

Next, lets take a look at the vehicles exterior. Walk around the vehicle, look at the front grill and bumper, the rear bumper, doors, anything that would be considered the outside of the car.

NOTE: When looking around the car it is important you look closely, try not to be far away because an up close set of eyes will definitely be very important when we are doing our exterior washing process.

Richmond mobile detailing

Finally, it's time to look at the interior of our mobile detailing job. First things first, we inspect the drivers side for obvious reasons being that it's where the most time is spent. This part of the car will have the most dirt. Look closely and at different angles, its fairly easy to overlook anything as simple as the gas pedals and underneath the seat.

Checking the entire interior of the vehicle will not only guarantee that we are getting everything nice and clean but its also going to satisfy our client when we return the vehicle to them.

Mobile Detailing Process

1. Vacuum Interior of vehicle

2. Clean and Wipe down all hard surfaces in your car (cup holders, door panels, air vents, center console,etc.)

3. Clean and Degrease wheels & wheel wells

4. Throughly hand wash

5. Hand dry all the water off & apply carnuaba wax

With these 5 simple steps we took, we could have your car looking fantastic in under 3 hours.

Mendez Supershine uses high quality products in every mobile detailing service, this way we can ensure we deliver you the best results.

Take a look at some after shots.

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