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How to Maintain and Keep your Cars Shine

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

So, you're looking to maintain your cars beautiful shine? Perhaps you recently got a strong layer of protection on your car and are worried on what to do next.

No need to worry or panic! Keeping your car in good condition is already tough on its on when you have rocks chipping away your bumper and many other elements that can hinder your cars paint from shining.

In my opinion, the proper washing method is going to be the grit guard and bucket method.

Before we get into the proper way to maintain your cars exterior appearance we need to rewind and make sure you follow these steps so your car is well protected, and most important its back to a flawless, like-new paintjob finish.

Step 1: Find a Paint Correction Service that yields the best RESULTS

Step 2: Get a Ceramic Coating

Step 3: Learn about ways to Properly care for your ceramic

Step 4: Read this article

You by now, should be on step 4 if not then I highly consider you going back and following each step so that you're car becomes 10x easier to clean, let me explain.

Think of your paint as a thin layer of printer paper, in fact your cars clear coat is actually really thin and can easily be scratched and or destroyed so it's important to visualize and understand how thin of paint we have on our cars.

That thin layer of "printer paper" isn't enough to stop a key from adding scratches all over your car. This is where a strong, indestructible coating like ceramic comes into play.

Ceramic coating is proven to not only last up to 3-4 years, it also provides your vehicle with one of the best protections on the market.

What if I told you that a ceramic is like adding a extra layer to your paint except, it's like glass.

That is exactly what it does, so any further scratches or imperfections that are caused on your paints exterior will be added to the glass and not the clear coat keeping your paint in flawless condition.

Now that we are educated a little on the topic and have visualized what its like to have a strong bond of protection on your cars paint it's time to discuss the simple method to help it stay clean and shine without spending lots of $$$ overtime.

First, you'll be tempted to run your car through a car wash on your busy days and times when you just need a quick wash. If you do this you are already starting off on the wrong foot!

Car washes aren't typically the best solution to a dirty car, they tend to cause much more damage to your car than good. So I would just avoid them all around unless of course you're going for the FREE vacuum.

Second, Stick to hand wash. Hear me out, properly caring for your car means properly washing, drying, and taking percaution every step of the way, so don't skip on this part.

If you have any experience with wash mitts you know that dirt can easily be attracted onto your mitt which is why I suggest you getting a Grit guard, it works great, removes the dirt and grime from your wash mitt in seconds so you can continue to wash and shine your vehicle.

Lastly, if you truly love and care for your car then you know that water spots are probably the last thing we wanna have to worry about on our cars. This is where safe drying methods come into play.

The drying is just as important as the washing phase, you should use a great quality drying towels which you could easily pickup locally.

Now you know how to properly maintain your vehicle let's talk about what you can do to keep its shine.

In order for you to keep your cars shine and protection we recommend you continue to add layers of either sealant or carnauba wax protection for a thicker coating of protection and a high, long lasting shine on your cars paint.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to give us a Call: (804) 438-2320

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