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Good Price for Interior Car Detailing - How much Should you really spend?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Look we aren't here to brag or try to convince you we're the best.

How does your cars interior look, is it in bad shape? Maybe you recently just bought the car and you're looking for a complete interior transformation so the car could have that brand-new feel.

We totally understand, and we're more than happy to help! Whatever the case may be, Mendez mobile detailing will make sure it looks 10x better.

Interior car detailing has been and will continue to be one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors.

Not only do we go the extra mile to provide you with the best looking interior on the planet, we have reasonable pricing options.

When it comes to Interior car detailing, prices can vary from the size of the vehicle, to the condition the interior is in, and the most common how long it'll actually take the detailer to perform the duty.

The interior cleaning process isn't all that complicated right? Well, it sometimes can be a breeze but other times it's a hassle. I mean let's face it you sometimes don't even have enough energy and time to simply detail the interior on your car.

Especially if you have stains and smelly odors coming from your car. It can become a bit more complicated than you anticipated.

Pricing can vary for the simple fact that detailers in the Richmond area are charging for regular vacuum and wipe downs.

Mendez Mobile Detailing stands out from all the detailing experts in the area simply because we provide our customers with the Best pricing & a great overall customer experience while delivery our the car detailing services.

The Quality of our interior car detailing service is important to us.

Check out some of our interior details!

See more photos on our Instagram Page, give us a follow!

Since we focus on quality here at Mendez Mobile Detailing, we set our prices accordingly. The reason we do that is to ensure that we're getting paid in exchange for the amount of value we will be providing you for your vehicle.

List of our interior detailing services:

Basic Interior Detail: $60

Complete Interior Detail: $180

Seat & Carpet Shampoo: $180

Seat or Floor: $80

Carpet shampoo: $100

Interior Transformation (recommended): $275

Each and every vehicle that gets our interior detailing services will see a complete transformation and attention to detail. We take our time so we can save you even more time in the long run, making it much easier to clean.

So you've seen our work with the pictures provided. Maybe you aren't convinced yet! You need to see what other previous customers are saying.. look we totally understand and we'll actually save you a ton of time..

Below we will attach a FEW of the many great reviews we received from our Loyal, Dependable and loving clients....

To simply summarize, pricing is all objective. I think the actual question to ask here is, How much money are you willing to spend? and What quality of work are you looking to get done?

Once you answer those two questions you can further determine who and what to look for when in search for a good price on interior car detailing services here in Richmond, VA.

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