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How Long Does it take to get your Car Detailed?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Has the thought of getting your car completely detailed ever cross your mind? A flawless, showroom finish, perhaps?

I'm talking about your engine bay being cleaned, a full & extensive interior cleaning, a full and complete transformation on your cars paint, from swirls and scratches to shine and beauty!

If so, you've been looking around at prices, trying to compare the best Reviewed Detailers in the Richmond area and you just can't seem to wrap your head around it.

How long do these guys take detailing my car?! Do I need to sit outside and wait for them to finish? Do I need to drop it off?

While all of these questions can continue to linger on our minds, it's important to also be practical on choosing the proper service for your vehicle that way you aren't wasting time & money on a unrequired service.

Mobile Car Detailing is continuing to expand and grow as time goes by, dozens of clients love the convenience of us coming to them and cleaning and washing their vehicle(s).

Although the longevity of a car detail is entirely dependent on the service, there are a few common struggles we could face.

Size of Vehicle

Look let's be honest, even if you're the fastest detailer in the world (which you aren't we are jk). Having to completely detail a bigger size vehicle can be energy draining and time consuming.

Each part of your car will require different tools and skills to complete it properly. Remember this is a detail not your typical car washing lot.

Your Desired Outcome

This is probably the most important role on how quickly you can get your car detailed & returned to you.

What do you want your car to look like? This is what we ask our clients. We want to know what exactly you are expecting and most importantly, whats the main focus for the detail.

You know your car more than anyone else, you can see the stains on the headliner that some of your friends and family could easily overlook.

The stains on your seats could require a Full Interior Shampoo which can average around 4-6 hours for regular vehicle and up to 8 hours for Suv's & larger vehicles.

Maybe you're interior is in decent shape and you aren't too concerned. You're looking more for a Paint Correction or Ceramic Coating Service.

Paint Correction hours are at minimum 4-8 hours and the maximum up to a full week.

Ceramic Coating can take up to 2 weeks max


So how much time does it take to detail your car? Well it could take an hour if all you want to do is wash the car and clean the wheels. It can also take you 3 hours if you also want to restore your headlights or buff your car.

The desired result it going to play a role on how long it takes for a detailing expert to complete the job. Besides, the detailer should inform you on the timing so you have a chance to schedule things once the job is done.

We also include a time stamp on most of our services, we've got experience and have tracked the amount of time required for most services at worst conditions. We utilize this strategy in order to schedule out cars and run our business properly!

When it's all said and done, taking your car to a professional can take some time but the after results will all be well worth it! Contact us and Book an appointment today!!

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