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How long should you wait until your Seats are Dry after a Shampoo?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

So you have bad stains, and perhaps maybe even a bad smell coming from your seats. You're looking for a professional to come and shampoo your seats except you have concerns.

How long do I have to wait until my seats are dry? Do I need to leave my windows down? The list goes on and on

At this point we've gotten asked these questions in all our previous and dozens of interior details.

So how long does it take for you seats to dry after being shampooed?

More times than not it'll depend on the weather outside and most importantly how the seats were shampooed.

As you may already know, there are tons of methods out in the auto detailing industry that provide different strategies and techniques and they all achieve the same outcome.

There's a Steam Clean method which is what we like to use here at Mendez Mobile Detailing.

There's an extractor method which sucks up any liquids, and stains from your seats.

So it all varies, ideally your detailer should leave your seats half dry before leaving them to dry on their own.

Let me explain, so as a detailer you are required to achieve great results in as little as time as possible. Working efficiently and moving on to the next task.

Here's how we would speed up our Drying process!

After we spray, agitate, and clean the dirty stains off your seats we begin our first drying technique which is simply grabbing a microfiber towel or two and beginning to mop away and water that may still be on the seats.

The second solution would be to simply let your car air dry outside in direct sunlight with the windows down.

We like using this strategy paired with the first method. It allows your cars interior to refresh and smell good again while also letting your seats catch a nice tan (jk) while being dried.

The last method and its often not talked about because most people say or think it's a waste of time is using some sort of fan or blow dryer to dry up your seats.

Although it may be time consuming and or annoying, nonetheless will be sure to get dry.

Typically when you leave the windows down and you mop up the seats with a microfiber towel once it been shampooed you can expect dry and refreshed seats in about an hour or 2.

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