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Deluxe Package: Hand Car Wash Wax & Detail

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Add a layer of protection and shine to your paint!

We all know that running your car through a regular basic car wash machine can cause more harm than good.

That's why Mendez Mobile Detailing specializes in hand mitt car washing services. We ensure the vehicle is not only clean but also that nothing else get's on the paint keeping it clean and protected.

If you aren't taking proper care for your car most chances are in the long run you will start to see paint discoloration or making even peeling from your paint.

Sure it's fast, and easy to run it through a machine wash but there's nothing better than having a detailing expert take proper care and precaution washing the vehicle with an old-fashion hand wash.

It’s Not Rocket Science, But There’s A Right Way.

1)Clean wheels, tires, fenders, and gas cap

2)Wash vehicle with quality mitts, products, and methods (remove love bugs from bumper)

3)Dry vehicle with soft microfiber towel and air blower to blow water out of crevices and wheels

4)Clean exterior glass and windows

5) Add layer of Carnauba Wax for shine & protection

6)Dress tires to make them shine

Our deluxe package also includes the interior detail as well. If you are interested and or have more questions click here.

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