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3 Benefits of a Car Detail - Richmond, Va Clients

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

What if I asked you how much time you've spent inside your vehicle?

When was the last time you went through a drive-thru and accidentally dropped a few fries in between that crack in your seat that always seems impossible to get to?

Now, before you answer any of those questions I want you to think about the last time your vehicle was thoroughly cleaned, inside and out, top to bottom.

Cleaning and washing your car is the most common and arguably one of the most time consuming task you could encounter. In order to keep your car's appearance you have to remove all the dirt and gunk build up so it keeps that shine and you feel good about the car you drive daily.

In this article we're going to discuss a list of benefits in which we think will drastically improve the value of your ride.

Car Detailing Explained

When it comes to Detailing vs a typical Car Wash, we like to think we are a lot different. The majority of our Richmond clients want a high quality job and that's what we're here to do for you.

I'm sure you've taken your car to a simple car wash before and while they might get rid of dirt from the outside of your car, the interior could still look a complete mess.

Car detailing takes the process much further, we move your seats back and forward in order to vacuum and clean in between all of the crevices.

Lifting up your compartments, getting in between your car's buttons on the door panels and dash. Cleaning your windows properly, and most importantly making sure you're happy with the result.

You have the final say, we don't leave the job site until you (our customer) are happy with the car detail results.

Performing our detailing services with our high-end and safe tools and products gives us the ability to achieve such outstanding results. Making you happy, and giving us the boost of confidence in our work to continue forward.

Exterior Detail

First step - The wheels are usually the dirties parts of the car, they collect all of the brake dust and are put through the most on the road.

The detailer takes off the filth from your cars calipers, lug nuts, and tires using special brushes and cleaning products.

Second step - once the wheels have been cleaned, the next step is to prep the car for a wash, yes you read that correct prep.

We don't want to immediately jump into wash mitts and washing the car just yet!

The reason detailing is a through clean is simply because detailers know what it takes to completely clean and remove ALL the dirt from your car.

We start by prepping your vehicle by rinsing it down entirely, top to bottom. Doing so will remove any filth that's on the paints surface.

You wouldn't want to jump right into the wash without properly rinsing the car because it can simply save you a ton of time later in the process and most importantly you could prevent adding any scratches and swirls to your cars paint, etc.

The paintwork on your vehicle is properly hand washed and dried top to bottom with our washing mitts and soft microfiber towels.

Finally, we apply our carnuaba hand wax to the exterior of your paint to add a protective layer and give it a noticeable clean shine!

Interior Detail

The entirety of your interior will be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed. Keep in mind some interior will be a lot worse than others so if you're someone who's in need of a deep interior shampoo these steps could differ and we'd recommend you read our shampoo blog or video here.

All of the Plastics and vinyl are also properly cleaned and dressed. Leaving the interior of your vehicle smelling clean and best of all it's left with a showroom like finish so you can go brag to your friends!

Benefits of getting your Car Properly Detailed

Now that we've discussed the process and what it actually takes to get your car detailed we're going to talk about the benefits. Why else would you want something that you can't benefit from right?

1. Value of Car Goes up - The most popular benefit, increasing the value of your car will not only make it easier to sell later on but it will save you ton's of headaches later on.

A good detailer will bring your car to its original beauty and increase its resale value.

2. Protection - Your vehicle's paintwork will be cleaned and protected with your choice of carnuaba wax or sealant. High shine on your cars paint can last for weeks, if not months to come!

3. Saves Money – While it obviously costs money to get your car detailed, doing it regularly will actually save you much more money in the long run.

More people are driving their cars longer, and regular maintenance is very important to keeping a car on the road.

Overall, car detailing has a majority of benefits that if we could we'd talk about it all day. It involves the process of thoroughly cleaning, enhancing, and restoring all parts of your vehicle that you perhaps thought were impossible.

In order to keep your vehicle looking its very best and for it to retain much of its value you're better off getting it detailed by detailing professionals regularly.

A car detail differs from your average car wash because of the attention to detail, our involvement and experience in the industry alongside various tools and products.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us, and if you're looking for a more affordable, high quality detailing service check out our Service Page.

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