Increase & Protect Your Cars Shine: Hand wash & Wax 

Here's what you get:

  1. Completely degrease and thoroughly clean off your wheels & tires

  2. Remove all bugs on front end of the car 

  3. Fully foam down vehicle with our citrus soap to help with preventing scratches

  4. Completely wash vehicle top to bottom with quality washing mitts and drying methods to give you a swirl free Finish

  5. Air blow cracks and crevices to avoid water drips! (as much as possible)

  6. Glass clean windows door panels, rear view and front windshield for crystal clear vision

  7. Dress tires to make them shiny ready for the road

  8. Apply carnauba paste wax lasting up to 4 months


Ideally the goal is to prevent your cars paint from fading, which is where hand waxing and other protective sealants come into play. The biggest issue with most vehicles is that action isn't taken fast enough. Let's talk about a few ways this could actually happen to your vehicle so we can prevent it from happening.

Firstly, the sun is by far your biggest threat when it comes to causing your cars paint to fail, the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays can cause a clear coat to fade OR otherwise known as oxidation. We'll provide a picture so you can better understand what it may look like.


​Now, if your vehicle ever gets to this condition it wont be the end of the world. This could be restored and fixed with Repainting your vehicle at a body shop, which we all know can cost you tons of money, which is why its important to take action now and get some protection on your cars paint job to keep it looking nice and shiny and not dull and dry.

The second and most typical cause of paint and clear coat failure is debris from the road and other weather conditions. We've all experienced driving on the highway and painfully hearing rocks hit our car creating rock chips and damaging our clear coat. What are we gonna do? Pull on the side of the road? Of course not.

Instead what we can do it control what we can control, adding a layer or protection or sealant on top of your clear coat is one of those thing you can do to help avoid this from happening, and worse case scenario make it much easier and cheaper to repair if it comes to it.


​Most of the examples we talked about are prone to happen since they are out of our control, however, one thing is for certain, you are in control of certain things. Here's what you can do to help avoid your shiny paint from looking dull and dry.

One of the biggest control factors when it comes to your car, is where you take it to get washed, and how it gets washed. Automatic car washes get a bad rep from many car detailing professionals simply because they wash dozens if not thousands of vehicles a day without properly cleaning or restoring their brushes or equipment.


Now, the point isn't to bash the local car washes in the Richmond area. Instead the point is the educate you so you can make your own educated decision that way you can make the better investment for your car in the long run. 

When you decide to run your car through a car wash, you're choosing convenience and saving time. Which by all means are too very solid reasons. However, It's important that you are aware of how these machines actually work. These car wash machines have abrasive nylon brushes that rotate at really high speeds which can leave hundreds of scratches and swirl marks on the clear coat.

If you're someone who prefers to save time and still enjoys the idea of going to a car wash on the weekends, opt for a touch-less car wash or an eco friendly car wash. Sure, you might take a little longer or put in a little elbow grease but your car will definitely stay clean and shiny for many years down the road.

When you book and schedule a mobile car detailing service with Mendez, we properly hand wash your vehicle. Much more thorough and swirls free than a typical $10-$15 car wash that you could get down the road.

We take pride in our washing methods, making it super safe and convenient for you giving you a clear headspace and keeping you stress free knowing your vehicle is being properly taken care of.

The premium wash & wax detail will deliver a high quality finish on your vehicle. Leaving it super slick and shiny. Your car will look completely clean once we remove all the bugs and everyday dirt/grime from your cars paint surfaces.

We strongly recommend pairing this hand wash & wax with either an Interior or Full interior Detail.


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(Sonic/VW Golf)


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(Yukon/Pickup Truck)


FAQ: Premium Wash & Wax

How long does this service take?

This service can take up to 1-1.5 hours to complete. It really depends on the size of the vehicle and the condition that its in.

Is the interior included with this service? 

No, this is the exterior only if you'd like to pair this with an interior cleaning we recommend adding it with you wash for a full interior and exterior detail. 

Do I pay before or after the detail?

Typically we accept payment after the completion of our detail ensuring you are satisfied and happy with the service. We also accept tips allowing you to show your appreciation for our efforts while detailing your vehicle.

Will this remove scratches from my car?

Although our carnauba wax will hide and fill minor imperfections it will not remove scratches on your cars paint. A different kind of service will do that, we recommend our paint correction services

Do you need to connect to my water and electric?

Most times than not we connect to your homes water hose and electric outlet, if by any chance we aren't able to we carry our water tank and generator.

Will I be required to be there for you to complete the detail?

Not exactly, we understand that you're busy and if you have to run out we completely understand. You can pay either in cash form and leave the payment hidden in the vehicle or we can simply send you a link via phone and you can pay that way. We simply ask you leave us the keys and we'll keep in touch letting you know once we are done and where we safely hid your car keys.