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Ultimate Guide: Wheel Cleaning & Correct soaps to use

You've been around long enough to have seen a set of dirty wheels. The one's covered with brake dust, nasty dirt and grime.

We know that the brake dust is formed by our brake pads and rotors as we tend to drive and use our cars everyday the dust collects and adds up stopping your wheels from looking clean and shiny.

How do we properly clean and remove all that brake dust?

Why you should keep your wheels clean and brake dust free

There are two essential parts on your wheels that we need to go over so we make sure they are properly being cleaned. Firstly the face of the wheels, and the inner barrel of the wheel.

Most of us focus on what we can see the most right? and that happens to be the face of the wheels.However, the most build up is in the inside of the barrel, the pockets of the lug nut wholes, and any tight edges.

Lets say you decide to wait and not clean your wheels after 3 months of brake dust sitting on them, believe it or not the brake dust can begin to eat away your wheels.

Not only will that brake dust be impossible to get off but it'll leave behind an ugly look that you don't want on your shiny car.

What Can I use to Clean them?

There are tons of wheel cleaning products. Some of which may be quite expensive and not typical for a person who's looking to the cleaning themselves.

In my experience I find that the more high-end iron removal wheel cleaners work just as good as a water and soap method.

You can easily pick up some Super Clean at any car parts store in the Richmond, Virginia area. We buy ours at Oreilly's for roughly $20.

Now that you know what product to buy and why you should properly clean your wheels we're going to discuss choosing the right tools for the job.

Don't assume that simply just spraying your wheel with water and soap will simply clean them, that is surely not the case.

Proper cleaning of the wheels invloves the proper tools and products, we'd recommend you buy a wheel brush which can be found on amazon for fairly cheap.

This is the one we picked up and it seems to be working wonders for each vehicle we do.


Cleaning your wheels isn't all that complicated and shouldn't take you more than 45 minutes to do. Invest your time cleaning them or getting them cleaned now so they save you from headaches and ugly brake dust stains being leftover on them.

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