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How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Car Detailed?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Well, like many things when it comes to figuring out the cost of getting your car detailed we first need to know what detailing offers and how you can benefit from it.

Any detailing expert knows that the condition of every vehicle is different, some love and cherish their vehicles while others just see it as a means of transportation.

With that being said, the pricing it totally on you and what you want the end result to be or look like.

What kind of car do you own? Do you want the exterior or interior done? What type of interior or exterior service do you want?

All these questions play a huge role when deciding on what the pricing ends up being.

There's no magic answer to this question, pricing will vary greatly depending on who and where you decide to get your car detailed.

As an example with our detailing services, you get a detailed explanation of what's included in each of our services.

For any other detailing expert in the Richmond area, they may want to see the vehicle and ask you a bunch of questions before they give you a price.

Pricing isn't depending on the products, It's depended on the end result!

The main focus for any auto detailer is the end result. Mendez Mobile Detail likes to take pride in the hard work and attention to detail we provide you with. The quality of service could also play a huge role on pricing and what you end up paying for a car detail service.

We all know the famous saying "You get what you pay for" and this has never been so true especially for a cleaning service.

If you pay for cheap, you'll get cheap quality service. Although this isn't always the case 90% of the time it tends to be true. Being cheap upfront can cause more headaches and could potentially lead to you paying another detailer even more money to fix the problems, so now the price of getting your car detailed has gone up!

When you take your vehicle to a car wash facility they usually hire technicians and "train" them on the basics of car washing. Ultimately, you end up losing because of the inexperienced technicians.

More times than not, you end up driving off the car wash lot with more problems than you came in with. Simply because Car Wash facilities don't spend too much time training these technicians with the correct and proper detailing methods.

We hear this from dozens of our customers, they end up taking their most prized possession through a car wash and end up hating the results. Going back to what we mentioned earlier, you end up spending more money and getting more headaches now all because the end result wasn't what you expected in return for your hard earned money.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean every professional detailer is going to get you amazing results. Just like not every car wash will be cheap or inexperienced.

But as general theme, a professional car detailer has acquired more experience, training, and had developed the proper skills to hand your needs better for your desired end result.

Professional Car Detailing vs Car Wash Facility

We've briefly discussed the similarities of both but now let's go further into detail. The main goal is to educate you and give you the chance to know exactly what it is your'e getting out of a car detail vs a car wash facility.

Car wash facility:

  • Clean wheel and tires

  • Remove bugs front-end and wash

  • Apply wax or sealant by rotary machine

  • Apply dressing to your tires for shine

  • Clean all exterior glass and mirrors

  • Wipe down door jambs

Auto Detailing Process:

  • Clean wheels, wheel barrels, tires, fenders, and gas cap

  • Remove bugs front-end and thorough wash

  • Chemically remove iron particles from paint

  • Clay bar entire car to remove above surface contaminants

  • Dry the car and blow out in standing water from the nooks and crannies

  • Apply quality wax or sealant to all your paint

  • Apply water-based dressing to your tires for shine

  • Clean all exterior glass and mirrors

  • Wipe down door jambs

Not only does the auto detailing process include a more thorough wash, but it'll also be treated with a high level of attention to detail and most importantly the time spent will be worth every penny.

Car wash lots are focused on volume, they want as many vehicles coming in which is why the pricing is so cheap compared to detailing professionals. These places can careless on the outcome of your vehicle, they want you in and out of there lot so they can make room for the next vehicle.

Not only will Mendez Mobile Detailing come out to your location making it super convenient for you but every car we detail is treated as if it were coming off the dealership lot.

Taking pride in our work has gotten us to where we are now, and we will continue to deliver on quality over quantity to each and every car detailing service provided from us.

To give you better context and a better idea on pricing, we came across a blog article explaining the pricing between a auto detailing professional and a car wash facility.

Basic Car Wash Car Wash Facility: $10 to $25 Professional Detailer: $30 to $70

Deep Interior Cleaning Car Wash Facility: $60 to $100 Professional Detailer: $140 to $280

Headlight Restoration Car Wash Facility: $30 to $50 Professional Detailer: $70 to $160

Wash and Wax Car Wash Facility: $80 to $130 Professional Detailer: $140 to $280

Paint Correction Car Wash Facility: $100 to $200 Professional Detailer: $240 to $600

Remember, that the pricing listed above is all depending on where you live and what others are charging in the area. It's also important to know the difference in pricing and the quality of service being rendered to your vehicle.


Car detailing is continuing to evolve and grow day by day. More people are noticing the value of their cars either rising or keeping its re-sale value. Clients love the end results and are also excited for their next appointment with us.

The hard work isn't a problem once you have a passion and love what you do. Bring your car to the detailing professionals so you can save time and money in the long run, don't get screwed over with the "cheap" and "Affordable" car wash places.

Book your appointment with us, or check our pricing list for more information.

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