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How long does Car Detailing Take

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

The amount of time it takes to clean a car inside and out

Before we can begin to talk about the amount of time it takes detail a car takes we need to know and understand what detailing truly is and the importance of it.

Car detailing is a very thorough cleaning process, especially compared to your typical car wash. It involves the cleaning of the interior and exterior with high attention to detail.

The importance of keeping your car cleaned shouldn't be something that needs convincing. We could all agree that keeping things clean and organized can increase the overall quality of life.

Detailing is important because of the value and complete transformation your car goes through when it's being properly cleaned by our professionals. Your car can increase or hold its value for a long time on a routine cleaning schedule.

Now that we understand and know a little bit about car detailing lets talk about how long the cleaning process takes!

How Long Does Detailing Take?

Car detailing is a detail oriented and labor intensive job that most people value. It seems like the easiest thing to do, and on some instances it can be, but the truth is that detailing is tough and requires high level of energy and focus.

To be completely honest, no detailer truly know's the amount of time it will take to complete a job. There's a ton of things to add into the equation, things like the weather, do you have all your tools, maybe you forgot the extension cord and now you aren't able to vacuum.

Although problems can and will occur throughout the day, the detailing process can't always go as smooth. Running into problems and situations where extra time can be added is definitely typical.

In our experience, the condition of the cars interior is probably the most time consuming of all. Coming across pet hair could easily add another 30-45 minutes of vacuum time simply because of the level of difficulty to remove the hairs.

Another factor to take into consideration is the size of the vehicle. Since car detailing is both an interior and exterior process. The larger the vehicle that longer its going to take to complete the complete detailing procedure.

Hiring a Professional

Detailing your car isn't quick and it also requires time, money, and skills that you may not have. You might prefer to hire someone and in this case you know that a professional is taking care of the cleaning process for you and hopefully it turns out right!

Some car detailers have drop off's available and some like us come out to you! We're able to meet you wherever and clean and detail your car.

Taking all things into consideration still the full process could take anywhere from 2-16 hours depending on the service and quality that the detailer is providing.

Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Services (LONG HOURS)

Paint correction is a complete removal of deep swirl marks, and few scratches of the clear coat of your cars paint job. Getting an amazing results requires that we compound, polish, and add protective sealant on the paint to guarantee longevity protecting that shine!

Ceramic Coatings are the more favorable option for those looking for long term protection on their vehicle. If you recently bought a vehicle then ceramic coating is a popular option. It's like adding a layer of glass to your vehicle, it's safe, feels smooth as glass, and most famous for its beading of water!

Both the paint correction and ceramic coatings requier an extesive detail and prep process before any polishing of the exterior happens. That in itself can take anywhere from 4-6 hours of prep work.

The polishing could vary entirely on the vehicle size. The smaller the vehicle the more high level attention to detail is required so it doesn't necessarily mean it would take less time. This can take anywhere from 12-15 hours (2 days)

Your looking at about 15-21 hours for Suvs for the entire paint correction and ceramic coating.

Whether you choose to do the detailing yourself or you plan on choosing a professional. Mendez Mobile Detail is here to be of service to you providing you with the best return on your money!

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