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Engine Cleaning: Rva Auto Detail

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Alright lets face it, we all know how the weather here in Richmond, Virginia can get. One day it's nice and sunny and another its windy and thunder storming.

Whatever the case, you need to ensure that your vehicle is staying fresh and clean no matter the weather. Another thing you should also consider keeping clean, and I know it may sound crazy but your engine bay should be cleaned at least twice a year.

Let me explain the process and then I'll go over WHY I highly suggest you get your Rva Auto Detail with an engine bay detail included.

Here's the cleaning process:

1) Inspect engine bay: We want to make sure there’s nothing that we need to keep an eye on during the cleaning.

2) Cover sensitive areas: Depending on the car, this might be the battery, intake, etc…

3) Spray and agitate: This is where the heavy work is done with multiple brushes and cleaners.

4) Dry and blow any water: Now it’s time to dry the entire engine bay (including all the water in the tight areas).

5) Final touch up and dress plastic: Wrapping up the engine, we’ll touch up any areas that need it and shine up all the plastic panels.

A lot of our customers are worried about cleaning their engine bay themselves as they think they might cause some type of damage. And just like anything else, without the proper tools, knowledge, and skills, you could cause some damage.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting your engine bay cleaned.

1) Factory like-look - it'll look as if you drove it off the lot!

2) Notice any leaks, or missing bolts in your engine bay

3) Look like new for potential car buyer - engine bay cleaning is the PERFECT fit for someone looking to sell their vehicle.

We only listed a few of the many benefits that come along with getting your engine bay cleaned, the choice is up to you!

Mendez Mobile detailing is dedicated to rva in auto detailing and you can be sure we have all the proper knowledge, skills, and tools to get the job done properly with no damage whatsoever.

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