Add Shine and Protection On Your Cars Paint with A Premium Hand Wax

Make your car squeaky clean and shiny with our wash & wax

Much better than a regular $5-$10 car wash that you could get down the road. Allow us to give your vehicle the proper attention to detail it deserves, its what we do best.

We take pride in our washing methods unlike car wash places in Richmond so if you're looking for something cheap, and quick. This service won't be a great fit for you.

The premium wash & wax detail will deliver a high quality finish on your vehicle. Your car will look completely clean once we remove all the bugs and everyday dirt/grime from your cars paint surfaces.

We strongly recommend pairing this hand wash & wax with either an Engine Detail or Full interior Cleaning service.

Here's what you get:

  1. We completely degrease and clean off your wheels, tires and wheel wells

  2. Remove bugs on front end, and side mirrors

  3. Fully foam down vehicle with our citrus soap for high gloss

  4. Completely wash vehicle top to bottom with quality washing mitts and drying towels

  5. Air blow cracks and crevices to avoid water drips!

  6. Wipe clean glass and windows for clear vision

  7. Dress tires to make them shiny

Pricing Guide


(Sonic/VW Golf)







(Yukon/Pickup Truck)


FAQ: Premium Wash

How long does this service take?

This service can take up to 1-1.5 hours to complete. It really depends on the size of the vehicle and the condition that its in.

Is the interior included with this service? 

No, this is the exterior only if you'd like to pair this with an interior cleaning we recommend adding it with you wash for a full interior and exterior detail. 

Do I pay before or after the detail?

Typically we accept payment after the completion of our detail ensuring you are satisfied and happy with the service. We also accept tips allowing you to show your appreciation for our efforts while detailing your vehicle.

Will this remove scratches from my car?

Although our carnauba wax will hide and fill minor imperfections it will not remove scratches on your cars paint. A different kind of service will do that, we recommend our paint correction services

Do you need to connect to my water and electric?

Most times than not we connect to your homes water hose and electric outlet, if by any chance we aren't able to we carry our water tank and generator.

Will I be required to be there for you to complete the detail?

Not exactly, we understand that you're busy and if you have to run out we completely understand. You can pay either in cash form and leave the payment hidden in the vehicle or we can simply send you a link via phone and you can pay that way. We simply ask you leave us the keys and we'll keep in touch letting you know once we are done and where we safely hid your car keys.

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