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The most common question we get asked "How long have you been detailing" , "What motivated you guys to start servicing Richmond with your auto detailing services?"


First things first,


Mendez is a family last name, we're a family based business. Family is very important to us, and we've created this company in order to achieve great generational change while also raising the bar with high quality service in our area.

The idea all started with Abimelec taking a job offer at a Limousine company which we can't disclose. He fell in love with detailing and soon enough friends, and family wanted to support and all wanted their car to also be nice and shiny.

Overtime, Abimelec's love and passions for auto detailing began to accumulate. He watched videos and learned about the best tools and products to use in order to achieve such great results.

Later on, Bryan saw the passion his older cousin had and the amount of time and effort he was putting into detailing. It caught his attention and he also took a job offer at a Detailing company in order to gain experience and further increase both his and his cousins knowledge.

Although, he never truly had a passion for detailing he was always business oriented. He knew he always wanted to have a business of his own and his love for cars made detailing all that much better.

Both Abimelec and Bryan are Qualified and professional car detailers. When it comes to providing your car with the best transformation and we aren't saying that to brag (Maybe just a little).


The amount of experience they both have under their belt can guarantee a great and impeccable result on your car like no other.

We specialize in the latest auto detailing techniques and services in the auto detailing industry. Let us transform your car inside and out. Whether you have stained interior seats or deep scratches on you paint, Mendez Mobile Detailing will make sure to take care of you.

You could choose to have us come out to you, or you can set up an appointment to have your car dropped off. 

"Why buy a new car when you could bring it back to life with Mendez Supershine"

- Mendez Mobile Detailing LLC

Check out our Youtube Channel. This is a great way for you to get to know us, we show the process behind our car detailing packages & you also get to know us on a personal level. We highly value our relationship with our customers.

The Owners

Abimelec A.
Detail Expert/Founder

Born and raised in Humacao, Puerto Rico in his early years, Abimelec has developed and grown a passion for Auto Detailing. He's been doing it for 4 years and treats each car as if it were his own.

Bryan F.

Bryan, the business analyst & content creator was also born in Humacao, Puerto Rico. He has not only developed a loving passion for the auto detailing industry but he's also developed a passion for the business side of things. 



What we do

Mendez Mobile Detailing LLC, is a direct to consumer based business offering detailing services in Richmond and surrounding cities.

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