Enhance Your Cars Paint With A Clay Bar & Sealant Mobile Wash

Your paint will feel super slick and smooth as glass

Give your car an extreme gloss and smooth as glass finish, you will instantly be able to tell the difference between this Executive wash and the typical wax.


When did you last add a thick layer of protection to your car? No, waxing doesn't count. The sealant is proven to last up to 7 months, and beads water right off much more than the regular wax giving your car a long term protection so you can drive with ease and no stress.

We highly recommend this service for cars that may be new to you, or simply getting this at least 2x a year for used vehicles, especially under the harsh Richmond winter weather.

Your vehicle with be properly hand washed, followed by clay bar to remove all and any above surface contaminant leaving your car with a slick, smooth finish. You can literally runs your fingers and feel the amazing difference! 

The Paint protection executive wash includes the following:​​

  1. Hand wash & blown dry

  2. Rim and wheel cleaning

  3. Door jambs, trunk lid area, and gas cap, cleaned

  4. Clay Bar Smooth finish

  5. Iron removal (prevents rust and removes oxidation on paint)

  6. Trim dressing/ restoration

  7. Machine apply sealant - lasting up to 7 months

  8. Exterior glass and windows are cleaned

Our Prices


(Sonic/VW Golf)







(Range Rover/Truck)


FAQ: Executive Sealant Wash

How long does this service take?

In a perfect scenario this inside-out sealant protection detail would take up to 3.5 hours. Since every cars size and condition isn't going to  be the same it  can usually take up to 4 hours depending on the condition and size of your car.

Do I pay before or after the detail?

Typically we accept payment after the completion of our detail ensuring you are satisfied and happy with the service. We also accept tips allowing you to show your appreciation for our efforts while detailing your vehicle.

Will this remove scratches from my car?

Although our carnauba wax will hide and fill minor imperfections it will not remove scratches on your cars paint. A different kind of service will do that, we recommend our paint correction services.

Does this service include the trim on my car?

Yes, we also include our trim resoration kit into this service fully brining back faded and old looking trim giving your car the complete shine it deserves! 

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