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Are you tired of having leaves and random bird poo all over your windshield wiper area? Have you ever popped your hood for some odd reason and all of a sudden saw how bad and dusty it looked?

As everyday people we all get busy with our lives, and we have to plenty of other things to worry about nonetheless our cars engine bay. Trust me, getting your engine bay will save you a ton of headaches! The detail includes a shine on your plastic for high shine.

With our engine detail you will not only notice the shine and cleanliness on your cars engine bay. You may also see that parts of the motor seem slightly more visible.


Easy Fix -Let's say you have a leak coming from your car and you take it to your mechanic to figure out where the leak is coming from.


Having a nice and clean engine bay makes its easy, once your mechanic takes a look they could easily determine where its coming from since the parts of the engine are more visible.

Overall, the engine bay detail is still a service that's recommend at-least twice (2) a year for old vehicles and at-least 1 time per year for new cars.

Looks Appealing to Potential Buyers

Perhaps you might be looking to sell your car and you're trying to figure out ways to increase its value so you get a better return.

Fact: About 85% of our customers that get an engine bay detail are looking to sell their vehicle or recently bought one.

Cleaner Looking Car - We hate to state the obvious, but your car would greatly benefit from the engine bay detail and overall look like a clean & brand-new car.

Care for your Car - having a clean engine bay will leave a great impression. People will know that the vehicle belongs to someone who cares for his or her car and they will take the time to get it detailed.​

It's Safe To Do -- some people are afraid of water being sprayed into their engine bay. Its definitely safe to spray the engine bay with water. Today's vehicles have covered air boxes and weather-proof wiring connectors.

You could easily perform the process at your home if you follow the steps Below!

Services - Detailing Engine Bay

Step 1: Cover alternator, any loose wiring. Better safe than sorry! 

Step 2: Remove all junk from windshield wiper area

Step 3: Spray Water into Engine Bay

Step 4: Lightly spray degreaser or all purpose cleaner

Step 5: Agitate and brush to loosen any dirt

Step 6: Rinse down engine bay

Step 7: Dry with Microfiber Towels

Step 8: Apply Dressing for high shine and overall better look

Step 9: Take a picture and share on your page!

You'll need the following products and tools!

  • All Purpose Cleaner - We prefer Super Clean 

  • Microfiber Towels

  • Brushes or Toothbrush

Conclusion, now that we've gone entirely over the process and benefits of getting an engine bay detail for your car and why its so crucial and important to do at least twice a year.


The next step is to take action, whether you're looking to sell your car or the engine bay has simply never been cleaned.

 This service will completely help make your life a lot easier and best of all make your car look better.


The cleaning process will take less than an hour max depending on the condition. 

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