The Popular & Affordable Deluxe Detail Package

Add protection and shine to your paint with our deluxe detail package

How often do you add a layer of wax to your vehicle?

The correct answer should be every 4-5 months, perhaps you got a new ride and haven't gotten around it yet.

Washing and maintaining your cars exterior is something that should regularly be done right?? Well shouldn't adding layers of protection to your paint also be something that's done regularly.

What if your car could keep and most importantly maintain its shine making your ride more enjoyable to drive and look at everyday. You get just that with this detailing service.

Our deluxe includes the following:

  • Hand wash

  • Rim and wheel cleaning

  • Tire Dressing

  • Window Cleaning

  • Dash cup Holders, Center Console, EVERY panel cleaned

  • Steering wheel detail

  • Vacuum

  • Carnauba WAX

+ A Flawless Interior Detail

This deluxe package also includes the interior detail.


Providing a perfect and affordable combo for a detailing package. Cleaning both the inside of your car and out. 

This service includes the basics, such as the vacuum and interior detail keeping your interior in great condition. 


Cup holders, air vents, your car will get a good clean in between all cracks and crevice. We'll make sure no trash is left behind.

Refresh your cars interior so your friends and family feel welcomed not disgusted!

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If you're someone who's looking for a much deeper clean I'd recommend our full interior shampoo service.

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