Hassle-Free & Flawless Car Detailing Services near Richmond at Your Home

Deluxe Package $100


Interior Detail


Paint Sealant Package $200


Complete Interior Shampoo



Wash & Wax 



Engine Bay


Add on services:

$20 Pet hair removal

$100 Headlight Restoration

$20 Trim Restoration

$150 Clay and sealant

$250 Swirl Removal polish

$50 Odor Eliminator (Smokers Smell)

$70 Water Spot Removal (Glass, Trim, PAINT)

The Mendez Detail Experience

Taking your car to get a flawless detail shouldn't seem like something that's out of reach. In fact, it's something that could easily done by you if you were skilled and dedicated to it by learning the proper techniques and strategies.

That's not why you're here, you want a professional to take care of your problem, you came to this website because of all the GREAT five-star reviews and all of the high quality results we give to our Richmond clients.

We want to keep things Hassle-Free & convenient for you.

You aren't here to try and be convinced by us that we're the best and that you should choose us. That's not the case, instead we have set ourselves apart from other detailing companies in the area by simply focusing on your experience with us.

Think about how GREAT you'll feel driving a shiny, clean car to your job, friends house, or even parking it in your driveway. The joy and pride you take in your ride is something that isn't talked about often. Your vehicle is YOURS for a reason, it gives you the experience like no other.

That feeling of excitement may be hard to replace but your car? Irreplaceable, you've worked way too hard for way too long to earn your car.

Now you're looking to re-invest some of that money back into your vehicle by getting it a strong paint bond protection, or maybe you're looking to bring the interior of your car back to life. No matter the case, you truly care for your car.

Think about it, who do you personally know that will spend this much money for a detail service? Very few, most people tend to settle for corporate car wash lots and over time end up hurting their vehicles more than they know, not truly caring for them.

What sets you apart from everyone else is the fact that you're willing and able to get the Best and the proper car for your car. You love your car and we understand that, let us save you tons of money in the long run and give your car the proper love and attention it needs!

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