Interior Auto Detail Service 

Be proud of what you're driving around Richmond, Va

Are you looking for a simple clean on your car? 

Give your car a simple interior detail and watch how much of a difference it'll make on your driving experience. Not only will we give your interior a cleaner feel, it'll also seem as if you picked it up off the lot.

We thoroughly vacuum everything out, detail and clean in between all your cars cracks and crevices, everything is wiped and cleaned. Your cup holders, dashboard, air vents, will all be cleaned and dressed for protection against the sun.

If you're looking to get your car exterior washed as well we highly suggest pairing this interior detail service with our Premium or Executive wash.

Here's what you get:

  1. Completely vacuum out your trunk, spare tire, underneath the seats, the entire car will all be thoroughly vacuumed

  2. We use our air compressor to blow out any dirt or sand stuck in your carpeting

  3. Full detail - cup holders, air vents, dashboard, steering wheel, door panels

  4. Wipe and clean door jambs

  5. Clean interior glass and windows

  6. Custom Mendez Fragrance for nice clean smell

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You aren't here to try and be convinced by us that we're the best and that you should choose us. That's not the case, instead we have set ourselves apart from other detailing companies in the area by simply focusing on your experience with us.

Think about how GREAT you'll feel driving a shiny, clean car to your job, friends house, or even parking it in your driveway. The joy and pride you take in your ride is something that isn't talked about often. Your vehicle is YOURS for a reason, it gives you the experience like no other.

That feeling of excitement may be hard to replace but your car? Irreplaceable, you've worked way too hard for way too long to earn your car.

Now you're looking to re-invest some of that money back into your vehicle by getting it a strong paint bond protection, or maybe you're looking to bring the interior of your car back to life. No matter the case, you truly care for your car.

Think about it, who do you personally know that will spend this much money for a detail service? Very few, most people tend to settle for corporate car wash lots and over time end up hurting their vehicles more than they know, not truly caring for them.

What sets you apart from everyone else is the fact that you're willing and able to get the Best and the proper car for your car. You love your car and we understand that, let us save you tons of money in the long run and give your car the proper love and attention it needs!


(Sonic/VW Golf)







(Yukon/Pickup Truck)


FAQ: Interior Detailing

Does this include shampooing on my carpets and seats?

No, this is just a simple interior cleaning so it will include your cars interior plastics and a thorough vacuum. If you're looking on getting a much deeper cleaning and are looking for an interior transformation check out our Full Interior Shampoo.

How long does this service take? 

Ideally it can range from anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. It will on depend on how bad your vehicle is, for instance a car with pet hair will take much longer than a vehicle with just light debris and dirt on their carpet.

Does this include the outside wash as well?

This service will only include the inside of your vehicle so no, this wouldn't include anything on the exterior of your ride. If you're looking to pair this service with a wash check out the Premium (Wash and Wax) detail.

Do I need to remove everything from my car?

Yes, we require and prefer if you removed everything out the vehicle for us to get right to work. All other trash and loose items can stay, we will make sure to throw it all out for you. 

***We don't remove, or re-install car seats due to safety reasons***

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